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Kings River Conservancy's

Conservation Awareness Program


The Conservation Awareness Program (CAP) gives interested youths and organized groups an opportunity to learn about, appreciate, and understand conservation topics such as:  Biodiversity and habitats, carbon and water cycles, soil and water resources and human impact.

Kings River Conservancy's 
Education Program

Our Education program helps to provide information about the river, its ecology, conservation efforts and safety practices along the Kings River.

Our Classes


Currently all of our classes are online.  By clicking the navigation bar above you may find what you are looking for.  We currently teach topics to ages 09-16:

  • Ages 09 - 11

  • Ages 12-13

  • Ages 14-16

Field Trips & Workshops
Eagle Flying

Riparian Habitat Program and Tour


Did you know that spending time in nature is beneficial for your wellbeing? We encourage you to join us out on the Lower Kings River for a nature walk and tour of the fish incubator house.

Looking Through Telescope

Star Parties

Sometimes partnering with the Central Valley Astronomers Club to learn about and celebrate our place in the universe.  Several telescopes are available to view our local ski.